Dense Fused Alumina Fine Powder

Dense fused alumina fine powder is the product passing the finest screen in the segment sand production line. The available size is 100#-0, 200#-0, 320#-0 and 0-1mm. It can be used as a high-quality powder for shaped refractory and unshaped refractory. At the same time, the fine powder can also be directly used as refractory powder and filler.

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Dense Fused Alumina Fine Powder(FAQ)

What is the structure?

Structure is basically the spacing between abrasive grains.  An open structure would be 12 or higher while a closer structure would be 6 or so.  Here again, the structure depends on a variety of factors not the least of which is how difficult the material is to grind.

What is the specification?

A typical grinding wheel specification consists of the grit type, the grit size, the hardness, the structure and the bond.  A typical grinding wheel specification would be A60-I10-VS.  ‘A’ is the grit type (aluminum oxide), ’60’ is the grit size, ‘I’ is the relative hardness, ’10’ is the structure, and

What does the form factor (grain shape) indicate?

The description of the grain shape can range from “angular” to “acicular” to “spherical”. When the value of the dimensionless form factor is 1, the grain is spherical. The smaller the form factor, the pointier the grain.

Are you a manufacturer or trader ?

Yeah, We are the manufacturer of BFA, WFA, GC. Also,we had good business relationship with others abrasive media & refractory raw materials manufacturer . more over we have QC department which make strict inspection on goods quality, packing, so we can provide a stable and quick delivery of all the

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How is fused alumina obtained?

Raw materials containing aluminium oxide are electrothermally melted at a reaction temperature of more than 2,000 °C to produce the various fused aluminas. Different starting materials are used depending on the desired type of fused alumina. For instance,