White Fused Alumina for Refractory

White Fused Alumina also is known as WFA. It belongs to the group of electro-corundum. It is produced by smelting industry alumina powder in an electric arc furnace at more than 2000°C. It’s a hard, dense, fire-proof, sharp-edged, wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant material. White Fused Alumina for Refractory is a mineral with good particle distribution for shaped and unshaped refractory products in fire-proof, precision casting, foundry and coating industries. Our White Fused Alumina Refractory Grades is a high-grade refractory material with high purity, high cleanness, coarse grain, low magnetic contents, high density, high bulk density, chemical stability, and low porosity rate, excellent crystal structure, corrosion, and acid-resistant. It is widely used in the production of refractory bricks, steel making industry, ceramic, glass, cement industry, etc.

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White Fused Alumina for Refractory(FAQ)

What does the bulk weight indicate and what impacts the bulk weight?

According to the FEPA, the bulk density of an abrasive is the quotient of the mass and the volume a grain type poured out in a particular manner will occupy. The bulk density, also called bulk weight, is stated in g/cm3. The rounder the particles, the higher the packing density,

How do i prevent moisture contamination in the abrasive?

Moisture contamination is the number one reason customers call Technical Support. Fortunately, it is usually preventable. There are 4 key ways to keep your abrasive free of moisture:1.Store abrasive properly and always make sure bottles are tightly closed when not in use.2.Keep abrasive in a cool dry location with minimum

What is the shelf life of fused aluminum oxide?

fused aluminum oxide products do not have a known shelf life. As long as the product is maintained in the original sealed container and stored in a cool, dry, ventilated area, our product will last indefinitely

What is a mesh vs. Grit size?

If you take a (1) inch space and add wires to it, the number of openings within the 1″ space is defined as mesh. For example, if the 1″ space has ten openings for particles to fall through, then that sieve would be called a 10 mesh sieve. Typical sieve

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China Abrasive Materials BFA ,WFA Market Review

Fused Alumina is the tooth of industry and is widely used in various industries. TAOANG is committed to sharing information on the upstream and downstream industries of fused alumina. This week, due to the continued decline in the

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