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Taoang Core Values: Equality, Harmony, Progress. Equality: Treating Everyone Equally, Fair-Trade and Fair-mindedness; Harmony: Harmonious Enterprises, Harmonious Environment, and Harmonious Society; Progress: Progressive Action, Progressive Technology, Progressive Thinking.

Fused Alumina


‘TAOANG’ means ‘Make Waves’ in Chinese, while ‘Promote the truth’ in Taoism. Henan Taoang Industrial was established and developed by the Yellow River, making waves in the industry and promoting the truth in business. TAOANG CORE VALUES: EQUALITY, HARMONY, PROGRESS,


How is fused alumina obtained?

Raw materials containing aluminium oxide are electrothermally melted at a reaction temperature of more than 2,000 °C to produce the various fused aluminas. Different starting materials are used depending on the desired type of fused alumina. For instance, bauxite is


General Applications Of Brown And White Aluminum Oxide Grain-TAOANG

Over the past 18 years, TAOANG products range from raw material bauxite to processing follow-up products brown fused alumina, finishing white fused alumina and dense fused alumina, bubble alumina, and fused alumina micro powder. The production process is fully controlled

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What’s lead time for bulk order?

1)for 5~25 tons, it takes around 10~15days. 2)For 26~200 tons,20-40days We will try to deliver it with the promise of quality guarantee as soon as possible

Amount of abrasive applied:

This decision is made by knowing the type of material you will be working with. Open Coat – Here, the abrasive granules cover from 50% – 70% of the backing and are set at pre-determined spacing to reduce