White Fused Alumina Micro Powder

White fused alumina fine powder using the high-quality fine powder, further broken and shaped by a pipe mill, removed iron, acid pickling, and water wash, and dry. It is characterized by standard particle size, good cleanliness, grinding solid force, purity and strength, resistance to impact, high temperature, oxidation, and corrosion. It is mainly applied in manufacturing abrasive paper and cloths, grinding blocks, mounted points, polishing wax, whetstones, scouring cloths, grinding wheels, and other products. It is widely used in grinding and polishing semiconductors, crystals, circuit boards, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, stone, glass, coatings, fillers, etc.

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White Fused Alumina Micro Powder(FAQ)

How do i know what abrasive is best for my application?

An abrasive’s shape, hardness, and particle size really determine the effectiveness of a MicroBlasting application. Each application is unique, and abrasive selection depends on the composition of the targeted part and the application’s desired result. See our Abrasive Media Selection Guide to choose the most appropriate abrasive for your application.

What’s lead time for bulk order?

1)for 5~25 tons, it takes around 10~15days. 2)For 26~200 tons,20-40days We will try to deliver it with the promise of quality guarantee as soon as possible

How do i prevent moisture contamination in the abrasive?

Moisture contamination is the number one reason customers call Technical Support. Fortunately, it is usually preventable. There are 4 key ways to keep your abrasive free of moisture:1.Store abrasive properly and always make sure bottles are tightly closed when not in use.2.Keep abrasive in a cool dry location with minimum

Form and shape of the abrasive:

This decision is made by determining how the abrasive will be used by the individual. Abrasives are sold in forms such as sheets, large/small discs, belts, and large/small rolls. Selecting the right form is determined by whether the abrasive will be used for hand. sanding, applied to a large disc

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Over the past 18 years, TAOANG products range from raw material bauxite to processing follow-up products brown fused alumina, finishing white fused alumina and dense fused alumina, bubble alumina, and fused alumina micro powder. The production process is

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How is fused alumina obtained?

Raw materials containing aluminium oxide are electrothermally melted at a reaction temperature of more than 2,000 °C to produce the various fused aluminas. Different starting materials are used depending on the desired type of fused alumina. For instance,