Sandblast Plastic Manufacturer

Sandblast Plastic mainly forms sanding, texture, pattern, and other effects on the plastic surface or abrades the injection marks.


Sandblast Plastic FAQ

What is fepa and what does it do?

FEPA is the Federation of European Producers of Abrasives. Its mission is to develop and publish standards, documents and comprehensive safety instructions for the abrasive industry. Abrasive grain sizes are produced and sold according to the FEPA standard, among other things. This is to ensure that a consistent quality for

What is the specific surface?

The specific surface means the outer surface of a substance including all accessible pores in relation to the mass. It is determined using the Brunauer-Emmett-Teller (BET) method.

What does the form factor (grain shape) indicate?

The description of the grain shape can range from “angular” to “acicular” to “spherical”. When the value of the dimensionless form factor is 1, the grain is spherical. The smaller the form factor, the pointier the grain.

Are you a manufacturer or trader ?

Yeah, We are the manufacturer of BFA, WFA, GC. Also,we had good business relationship with others abrasive media & refractory raw materials manufacturer . more over we have QC department which make strict inspection on goods quality, packing, so we can provide a stable and quick delivery of all the

What is the specific weight?

The specific weight is the ratio of the weight of a body to its volume. The specific weight of corundum under normal conditions is 3.94 g/cm3.

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