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Taoang Industry

Equality: Treating Everyone Equally, Fair-Trade and Fair-mindedness;
Harmony: Harmonious Enterprises, Harmonious Environment, and Harmonious Society;
Progress: Progressive Action, Progressive Technology, Progressive Thinking.

The Resources from nature are used for nature;
The Profits from customers return to customers;
The value from employees belongs to employees.

Improving Made in China with High-Quality Minerals. Promoting Created in China with Advanced Technology.

‘TAOANG’ means ‘Make Waves’ in Chinese, while ‘Promote the truth’ in Taoism. Henan Taoang Industrial was established and developed by the Yellow River, making waves in the industry and promoting the truth in business.

Taoang Industrial headquarters is located on the 36th floor of Yuda international trade, Zhengzhou, Henan Province. Formerly known as Xinmi Yongheng Refractory Co., Ltd, it was established in “Mi County”-the hometown of refractory in China, in cooperation with Henan Mining Refractory Co., Ltd in 2003. In 2007, the partners jointly built the Sanmenxia Xinfeng Abrasives Factory, which is mainly engaged in the production and processing of brown fused alumina. In 2018, Taoang Industry continued to build a white fused alumina factory in Zhaigen Industrial Park, Sanmenxia City, mainly engaged in the production and processing of white fused alumina, dense fused alumina, and bubble alumina.

About Us  -1-

Over the past 18 years, Our products range from raw material bauxite to processing follow-up products brown fused alumina, finishing white fused alumina and dense fused alumina, bubble alumina, and fused alumina micro powder. The production process is fully controlled to achieve control of product quality and price.

About Us  -2-

In the summer of 2021, The shareholders’ meeting decided to comprehensively adjust the overall strategic structure and improve product quality and the overall image of the enterprise. Registered Henan Taoang Industrial Co., Ltd., headquartered in Zhengzhou, registered the trademark of “TAOANG”. All product production lines comprehensively improved craftsmanship and quality, and develop internal control standards. In the next two years, produce high-quality products, build well-known brands, and use omni-channel promotion Step-by-step to finally achieve ‘Make Waves’ and ‘Promote the truth’