White fused alumina fine powder -325

White fused alumina fine powder from 0 to a 45μm particle size in segment sand is also called -325 mesh fine powder, which can be directly used as refractory materials or further processed into a micro powder. White fused alumina (WFA), also named white aluminium oxide, white corundum. It’s made from high-quality industrial alumina powder, which is melted in an electric arc furnace at over 2,000 degrees. It is then cooled, crushed and shaped, magnetically separated to remove iron, and sieved into various particle sizes.

Introduce white fused alumina fine powder -325:

White fused alumina is from the reduced fusion of high purity alumina powder containing aluminium oxide(Al2O3). White fused alumina has a very high refractory temperature and acid resistance. Alkali corrosion resistance is stable in chemical content and has high true gravity/density, low porosity rate, and thermal shock resistance. It’s an excellent corundum aluminium oxide refractory material. White fused alumina is an essential high-end material for producing shaped and unshaped refractory products.

Chemical composite and physical properties of white fused alumina fine powder -325:

Items  Powder
Al2O3 99.2%min
SiO2 0.10%max
Fe2O3 0.10%max
Na2O 0.40%max
Melting point(℃) 2250
Real density(g/cm3) 3.90min
Refractoriness (℃) ≥1900
Color White
Size 325mesh

Product features of white fused alumina fine powder -325:

  • High refractoriness. It can resistant to high temperatures up to 1900°C.
  • High strength with Mohs hardness of 9.0.
  • High density.
  • Resistant to most acid and alkali.
  • Chemical stability.
  • Low expansion rate.

Applications of white fused alumina fine powder -325:

  • Refractory castable, Kiln construction.
  • Foundry coating paint for casting for shell moulding.
  • Foundry coating for Precision casting and 3D printing.
  • Thermal conductive glues or additives.

White Fused Alumina(FAQ)

What is a silane coating used for?

When functionalising fused alumina, a very thin layer of a silane adsorption group is applied to the fused alumina particles. This organic surface coating has the effect of better embedding and increased scratch resistance in a melamine resin matrix, for example. Fused alumina has a high refractive index (n =

What is corundum?

Corundum is a mineral from the category of oxides and hydroxides and is the most frequently used industrial mineral worldwide. It also occurs naturally as a gemstone (sapphire, emerald, ruby). Chemically corundum is aluminium oxide with the chemical formula Al2O3.

What are the different coated abrasive grain types and their characteristics?

Aluminum Oxide – Aluminum Oxide is brown or reddish in color and a man-made abrasive. It is durable with tough cutting edges. It offers long life and is highly wear resistant even under stress applications. Its applications include aluminum, ferrous metals (including alloy steel), hardwood, and leather. Crocus – Crocus

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