Where’s your main market?

Our main market include Europe,America,Oceania,Asia.,etc.

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Amount of abrasive applied:

This decision is made by knowing the type of material you will be working with. Open Coat – Here, the abrasive granules cover from 50% – 70% of the backing and are set at pre-determined spacing to reduce

How do i know what abrasive is best for my application?

An abrasive’s shape, hardness, and particle size really determine the effectiveness of a MicroBlasting application. Each application is unique, and abrasive selection depends on the composition of the targeted part and the application’s desired result. See our Abrasive Media

What is the specification?

A typical grinding wheel specification consists of the grit type, the grit size, the hardness, the structure and the bond.  A typical grinding wheel specification would be A60-I10-VS.  ‘A’ is the grit type (aluminum oxide), ’60’ is the

Type of glue required:

This decision is made by the type of abrasive you have selected or the type of process you will be performing. Glue – A straight animal hide glue that is used to adhere the abrasive particles to the

What is the best way to store my abrasives?

The best way to have abrasive products retain maximum performance and work life is to store them properly. The bonding and backing materials used in abrasives are very sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. Abrasives are best

Why is corundum or silicon carbide used?

Corundum is the most frequently used abrasive. The purer the corundum, the harder it also is, which can be determined from the colour. The toughness can be increased by adding various metal oxides and by shortening the cooling

Is sample parts testing available?

MicroBlasting is extremely efficient and precise, so it is hardly likely you will need to recycle abrasive, but it is important to know the risk involved. Unlike grit or bead blasting, a MicroBlasting system can only cycle abrasive

What is melting vs. Sintering?

When processing minerals in a furnace, materials can either be melted or sintered.  When materials are melted during the production process the minerals go from a solid state, to a liquid state, then is re-solidified during the cooling process

What is the structure?

Structure is basically the spacing between abrasive grains.  An open structure would be 12 or higher while a closer structure would be 6 or so.  Here again, the structure depends on a variety of factors not the least

What is a mesh vs. Grit size?

If you take a (1) inch space and add wires to it, the number of openings within the 1″ space is defined as mesh. For example, if the 1″ space has ten openings for particles to fall through,

What is the specific weight?

The specific weight is the ratio of the weight of a body to its volume. The specific weight of corundum under normal conditions is 3.94 g/cm3.

What is fepa and what does it do?

FEPA is the Federation of European Producers of Abrasives. Its mission is to develop and publish standards, documents and comprehensive safety instructions for the abrasive industry. Abrasive grain sizes are produced and sold according to the FEPA standard,

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Black Silicon Carbide Black Carborundum-TAOANG

Over the past 18 years, TAOANG products range from raw material bauxite to processing follow-up products brown fused alumina, finishing white fused alumina and dense fused alumina, bubble alumina, and fused alumina micro powder. The production process is

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Advantage Of CBN Grinding Wheel

Fused Alumina is the tooth of industry and is widely used in various industries. TAOANG is committed to sharing information on the upstream and downstream industries of fused alumina. The CBN (cubic boron nitride) abrasive structure generally consists

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‘TAOANG’ means ‘Make Waves’ in Chinese, while ‘Promote the truth’ in Taoism. Henan Taoang Industrial was established and developed by the Yellow River, making waves in the industry and promoting the truth in business. TAOANG CORE VALUES: EQUALITY,