Brown Fused Alumina FEPA Size Introduction

The following is the introduction to Brown Fused Alumina FEPA Size. brown fused aluminum oxide FIPA size sand is made of high-grade bauxite, mixed with iron filings and carbon (anthracite) and smelted in an electric arc furnace at a high temperature of more than 2000 degrees. After full cooling and crystallisation, it is broken, shaped, magnetic separated and screened into various particle sizes. The general particle size are F4, F5, F6, F7, F8, F10, F12, F14, F16, F20, F22, F24, F30, f36, F40, F46, f54, F60, F70, F80, f90, F100, F120, F150 F180、F220、F230、F240、F280、F320、F360、F400、F500、F600、F800、F1000、F1200. There is a certain correlation between its chemical composition and particle size. Welcome to contact us to exchange what is Brown Fused Alumina FEPA Size meaning? and look forward to your information.

What’s lead time for bulk order?

1)for 5~25 tons, it takes around 10~15days. 2)For 26~200 tons,20-40days We will try to deliver it with the promise of quality guarantee as soon as possible

What is the warranty policy?

Firstly, We make sure the quality before the goods to be packed, if clients get the item with Substandard products, We have warranty for our clients,we will ship out the new replacements.

What is the shelf life of fused aluminum oxide?

fused aluminum oxide products do not have a known shelf life. As long as the product is maintained in the original sealed container and stored in a cool, dry, ventilated area, our product will last indefinitely

What is a mesh vs. Grit size?

If you take a (1) inch space and add wires to it, the number of openings within the 1″ space is defined as mesh. For example, if the 1″ space has ten openings for particles to fall through, then that sieve would be called a 10 mesh sieve. Typical sieve

What is melting vs. Sintering?

When processing minerals in a furnace, materials can either be melted or sintered.  When materials are melted during the production process the minerals go from a solid state, to a liquid state, then is re-solidified during the cooling process creating uniformity in the chemistry throughout the entire batch. The sinerting process

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How is fused alumina obtained?

Raw materials containing aluminium oxide are electrothermally melted at a reaction temperature of more than 2,000 °C to produce the various fused aluminas. Different starting materials are used depending on the desired type of fused alumina. For instance,